Meet John Barnes: Author of '18: A Novel of Golf and Life

Updated: Apr 7

John Barnes is the first of several clients The Brielle Agency has had the pleasure of working with through its partnership with The Unapologetic Voice House! We are really excited to announce him, and subsequent authors we've worked with over the last 5 months. John is a speaker, trainer, coach, and golfer from Denver, Co. and coaches athletes, business leaders, artists, and students to reach new heights in their performances. His novel, 18: A Novel of Golf and Life, is inspired by the many life stories he has witnessed in his time as a coach and mentor.

'18 is scheduled for release in Spring 2020!

We are honored and thrilled to have worked with John to get his book edited for publication. Over a period of 2 months, he worked together with our editor, N. Amma Twum-Baah as they redid chapters, restructured paragraphs and sentences, and, finally proofread for grammar, punctuation, and spelling. We can personally attest to the passion with which John believes in and tells his stories, and that passion is manifested within the pages of this attention-grabbing novel. The book is officially in pre-sale and can be pre-ordered at AmazonAre you writing a book and looking for an editor and/or publisher? Do you need guidance on how to make your characters and ideas come alive? Contact Amma at and let's make your STORY a part of The Brielle Agency's STORY!


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